Customer satisfaction

    PolarSeal Delight with 100% Customer Satisfaction Rating

    No matter what industry your business operates within, ensuring that you are adequately and effectively meeting the wants and needs of your customer base is absolutely vital; after all, a displeased customer will not be a customer for long. As such, the team at flexible material conversion company PolarSeal are surely delighted to have recently […]

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    Problem Solved With Tape Construction developed by PolarSeal

    Car Manufacturer Problem Solved With Tape Solution

    As PolarSeal is renowned as a problem solver we come across many different issues that need solutions. To date we can proudly say we have been able to create resolutions to all of these, resulting in the customer satisfaction we strive for at PolarSeal. One example of this is when a world class, leading car […]

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    Manuka honey case study

    Unrivalled solution with a natural healer – Manuka Honey

    Our client required assistance with the manufacture of an advanced wound dressing integrating a complex and demanding natural product. PolarSeal took this from dream to reality and in doing so developed a whole new and patented medical converting process and a full range of related wound care products.

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