Digital transformation

Driving change through innovation and investment in new technologies

PolarSeal® is proud to be leading the way in the innovation of technologies with a vision to lead the way in medical flexible material converting, driven by digital implementation.

The objective

We have invested 7 figures into advancing our digital footprint and driving internal digital change. These internal changes have a direct and positive impact on our customers and partners, so we will continue to explore, invest, and adapt to the ever-changing digital environment.

PolarSeal® looks to achieve a highly automated, fully integrated, and specialised technologically driven business by the end of 2024. 

Why? To enhance global well-being. 

Cyber essentials

PolarSeal® has been assessed by the certification body, IT governance and proudly passed, now placing our entire organisation’s ICT defences as satisfactory. This certificate demonstrates our capability to protect our employees’ and users’ vital information.

PolarSeal - digital drive

"We are ever increasing our efforts to reduce our impact on the environment and improving our efficiency by investing in technology."

Matthew Rich
General Manager

Regulatory document management

PolarSeal® have invested in BSI compliance navigator allowing us to manage our compliance process to regulatory requirements more effectively.

Using the BSI Compliance Navigator system allows us to automatically monitor the latest regulatory requirements by tracking and alerting on updates to relevant international standards, regulations and guidance documents for our business.

bsi compliance navigator
Document Management System (DMS) being setup by IT consultant wo

Tracking changes

A crucial part of using this tool is the transparency of changes to standards and guidelines.

Reducing risk

Universal access for PolarSeal® across our site ensures everyone has access to the most up-to-date information. This ensures we stay within compliance, reducing risk and increasing patient safety.

Saving time

Centralizing all essential documentation related to standards, guidelines and regulations provides ease of access, and fast document finding, accelerating the company workflow, and saving a tremendous amount of time.

"Using Compliance Navigator has saved us time, money, and effort. We as a department and business have become more compliant and efficient."

Carrie Borton

QA RA Manager

Cloud based systems

The portal

Order updates

Never miss a change in order status again with instant notifications linking you directly to the order.

Account overview

Access your account overview with a report on your spend over a specified duration, view order notifications, and your general company information.

Timeline order tracking

From receiving the order & BOM assembly through to quality control and delivery, you can now watch your order status as it progresses through the converting process.

Colour coding of order status

Easily identify the stage of your order through a 3 way colour coding system so you can get an quick snapshot of all your orders.

Order information isolated

Get all of your order information and a complete overview in just 1 click. Say goodbye to manual input to track your order.

Component lists

Observe your current part lists and prices in one place.

Communication features

Have a direct line of access to the relevant PolarSeal® staff to ensure your query is managed efficiently and effectively.

PolarSeal app
PolarSeal CRM

CRM - Customer Relationship Management

PolarSeal®’s CRM was implemented with the sole purpose of being the end storage point of all automation funnels run internally and externally. This collated pool of data is to provide clarity to employees on essential information relating to our customers. This transparency empowers us with the ability to service with accuracy and in a timely fashion. 

The addition of a fully functioning CRM has allowed us to systemise our processes, centralise data, reduce paper usage, and monitor and track new and existing orders more easily.

We have gone a step further and integrated our CRM with other operating platforms, to ensure data consistency across the company.

ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning

PolarSeal®’s tailored ERP system is the beating heart of the company, evolved over the years along with our operating procedures and processes.

The ERP system tracks all orders from concept through to delivery, along with several unique features including automation, error adjustments and more…

With continued investment into this platform, PolarSeal® will be able to improve internal process efficiencies, reduce potential errors, and increase 100% first time right, in time on full.

PolarSeal ERP systems

Additional systems

With our Quality team and their requirements expanding, we have invested in an electronic quality management system which allows our team to centralise and monitor their compliance processes. In one place, QRA and Quality will be able to create, maintain, change, and report on key quality data elements throughout the cycle.

Internet of things, otherwise known as IoT, is being implemented across PolarSeal®, especially within our manufacturing floors. The connection between machine and network via sensors, software, and other technologies allows PolarSeal® to monitor production levels, machine health, down time, run time and more. This data will enable us to be more efficient, prevent number of machine incidents, and determine ways to continuously improve. 

Along with our ERP and CRM systems to accelerate communication and documentation, we are implementing our own personal intranet. This will be PolarSeal®’s personal and private network contained within our enterprise to confidently and securely share internal information and resources between employees. This will also assist us in employee training and knowledge transfer, upskilling, communication, and allow a confidential flow of information internally outside of our client facing systems. 

PolarSeal®’s online project management system enables sales, project management, quality, administration and other departments to collaborate on new and existing projects. This provides a full overview including granular aspects of each running project, detailing job criteria, persons involved, responsibility, actions, time lines and more. Investment in such software expands on our ethos of transparency, providing clarity to all those involved to aid in achieving the best end result.

PolarSeal® respects personal information provided to us by customers and employees, so we have taken steps to protect this precious data. Data is continuously under threat of being stolen, PolarSeal® have prioritised this from the early stages and implemented several protection methods to reduce the risk of a cyber attack. Our purpose of this addition is to protect the devices we use as a company and other services we access at work from theft or damage.

We take a systematic approach to embedding and developing process innovation routines right down to the shop floor.

One such routine is 5S, a Lean methodology that keeps our working areas clean, uncluttered, well organised and safe. Through weekly audit, we use the data to identify workplace improvement opportunity that in turn drives a healthy safety culture and our 6’S’ maintains focus on task completion with respect to time, safety and quality.

To drive and support our approach to 5S, we have several staff competent in Lean/Six Sigma, notably 2 black belts supported by several green belts, tangible examples of our thirst for excellence in everything we do.

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