Leadership team

Meet the leadership team at PolarSeal®

We put our people first. Our team bring experience and enthusiasm to our company and their commitment has led to us being one of the leading medical flexible material converters.


Helen Witt

A true generalist with extensive experience in the re-organisation and restructure of organisations to align with future business strategy, talent acquisition, leadership development, culture, engagement and employee relations.

PolarSeal QARA Manager

Carrie Borton

Carrie brings 20 years experience to her role and assists in driving high levels of quality within Product Development as well as ensuring we meet the new medical device regulations.

PolarSeal Sales & Marketing Director

Matthew Rich

Responsible for ensuring the Company runs in the most efficient and effective manner by planning, directing, and overseeing the company’s vision, mission, strategy. processes, initiatives and goals.

Daniel O'Connell Headshot

Daniel O'Connell

Daniel heads up marketing at PolarSeal and is responsible for fostering a positive brand image by ensuring customers receive an exceptional experience at every touchpoint.

PolarSeal Key Accounts

Toby Rich

Toby works with new and existing clients to bring solutions and products to market in a cost effective, innovative way.  He works with the projects team, quality and operations to ensure that every clients needs, and aspirations are met in a timely and consistent way.

PolarSeal Administrations Manager

Anna Allen

Anna is responsible for overseing the sales order process, which includes, ensuring everything is in place correctly for our customers and updating them on their order, as well as working with operations to plan orders into production. 

PolarSeal Operations Manager

Simon Bowden

Responsible for the overall management of the operations teams across both sites to ensure delivery targets are met and ensuring continuous improvement is maintained on all lines and production areas.

PolarSeal Project Manager

Neil Woodfield

As Project Manager for PolarSeal®, Neil Works closely with the sales team to take new projects from design through to production. In his role, R&D, Innovation, Project Planning and working to tight deadlines is key to customer satisfaction and is what drives every project forward.

PolarSeal Finance Manager

Lois Glanfield

Lois looks after PolarSeal®’s financial accounts, ensuring the functionality of the business is at its prime. Furthermore, Lois performs critical analysis on performance and provides solutions on how to drive the business forward.

Giles O'Sullivan-Wade

Giles is a professionally trained Mechanical Engineer, Project Manager and Lean/Six Sigma Practitioner. He served in the British Army for nearly 3 decades supporting military operations globally. On leaving the Army in 2012, he has supported several companies within the Rail, Construction and Utilities sectors.  In role as our Head of Operations, he drives operational excellence through Manufacturing, Warehousing, Procurement and H&S. 

PolarSeal Leadership team

Christopher Mallett

Chris has worked in the medical device industry for 18 years and more specifically within various quality functions for the last 15 years including, supplier quality, manufacturing quality, quality systems and quality management. Chris is always looking to improve current systems and ways of working to ensure compliance is continually maintained in line with the ever-changing demands of the medical device industry.

Headshot photo of Pranisha Gurung

Pranisha Gurung

With extensive academic and professional experience in human resources within various fields, Pranisha has honed her expertise in employee relations, employee behaviour & psychology, organisational development aligning with the company’s strategy, leadership development and coaching. All of which she is always excited to bring to the Human Resources Advisor position.

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