Advanced wound care solutions

Precision lamination & die cutting wound care for the healthcare market

A leading practitioner in this demanding field, PolarSeal® offers unrivalled support and experience in the design and manufacture of advanced wound care products.

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Wound care

PolarSeal® is a globally recognised wound care manufacturer. Advances in wound care practice have driven huge growth in the design, development, and manufacture of specialist dressings designed to promote rapid healing and pain relief, reduce scarring, and prevent infection, together with quick and infrequent dressing changes. PolarSeal® can translate your designs from concept to reality with a very wide range of wound care manufacturing options including complete device manufacture, material lamination, and medical contract packing.

Application overview

All wounds, ranging from minor cuts and abrasions to serious ulcerated wounds, require an optimum healing environment for healing to occur. There is an almost unlimited number of wound care products that may be required across the full spectrum of modern medical and healing technology. PolarSeal® is actively involved in the ongoing development of many of these including:


In correlation with an extensive portfolio of leading-brand products, PolarSeal® has a global material selection process to ensure every design can be achieved. Materials include:

In-house packing

Our full in-house in-line packaging option provides our clients with complete service and absolute assurance of no risk of transportation contamination. Pouched and sterilised product in shelf-ready cartons to the global market ensures cost reduction, improved efficiencies, and total peace of mind to our clients who outsource wound care manufacturing.

Design considerations

Complex and seemingly conflicting requirements often have to be met in this demanding field. PolarSeal® has extensive experience and a proven track record as a wound care manufacturer in the production of dressings with requirements for:

Sterilization for wound care dressings

PolarSeal® offers sterilization as part of our end-to-end service solution. With 2 pathways to choose from that suits you and your process.

  1. PolarSeal® sends pouched dressings for sterilization, then is held in quarantine along with the certificate, ready for release to the customer. OR,
  2. PolarSeal® arranges pouched dressings to be sent off for sterilization, then sent directly to the customer along with the certificate.
Sterilization methods include:
Advanced wound care
Island and multi-island placement on wound dressing

Case study

With the wound care market growing and predicted to continue to expand over the next few years, global medical device manufacturers contact PolarSeal® to come up with bespoke solutions for advanced wound care dressings.  

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