Our full in-house and in-line packaging option provides clients with a complete service and full quality assurance with no risk of transport contamination.

Pouch Packaging Machine

In-house packing is a key capability at PolarSeal. Our pouch packaging machine seals medical and diagnostic devices into pouches. It provides high seal integrity and we are able to offer a wide range of packaging material and pack designs to suit all requirements, including moisture and light-resistant products.

The pouches can be printed and include the lot, expiry, and UDI labelling in accordance with medical packaging quality regulations. Our packing processes are equipped with metal particle detection and the best quality detection equipment to ensure your medical products are packaged to the very highest of standards.


PolarSeal packing and pouching capabilities

Wound dressing packing operations carried out in Class 10,000 Cleanroom facility.

Packing line graphic

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Frequently Asked QUestions

Through precision, dressings or medical devices can be packed into pouches on an automated line with printed/non-printed material.

  1. Printed pouches displaying desired information
  2. High volume pouching
  3. Metal particle detection can prevent contamination

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