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Your machinery, PolarSeal’s production expertise, accredited manufacturing facilities and highly trained operators.

World-class Outsourced Operations

PolarSeal offers a world-class outsourced operations service. Installing clients machinery in our manufacturing facilities allows our clients to focus on driving growth whilst having the peace of mind their production is fully optimised to satisfy consumer demand.

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PolarSeal is a globally accredited medical manufacturer, with quality management systems already in place, and two state of the art production facilities in Surrey and Suffolk.

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Need product design, process or proto-typing help? Our R&D experts work collaboratively with your teams to achieve optimal outputs.

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Your machinery is installed in one of our clean production areas (cleanroom manufacturing if required).

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Our highly experienced operators are trained on the requirements and machinery.

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Your products are manufactured to meet demand, along with any materials conversion.

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PolarSeal can design, print and manufacture your product packaging in-house.

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PolarSeal will deliver your products on time and in full.

Case Study

PolarSeal worked with an award-winning start up within the healthcare sector, providing a complete outsourced solution to enable the business to scale-up production speed. New machinery was installed, the solution exceeded their required standards and very quickly, products were hitting required run-rates to satisfy consumer demand.


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