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PolarSeal brings you a variety of blogs and news stories to keep you updated with not only our movements but also industry news. Our case studies provide you with insight into how we have taken complex scenarios and implemented bespoke solutions which resulted in success, be it cost reduction or a clear and effective supply chain.

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When should you outsource your tube filling and liquid formulation?

The process of formulating a fluid-based medical device typically involves several key steps, we review the process from concept to market and answer the questions …

How can the correct formulation excel your brand?

The correct liquid formulation can be key in helping to improve the performance of your product. Medical liquid formulations are pharmaceutical products that are in …

The power of strong Regulatory Affairs and Quality

The complex and highly regulated world of medical device manufacturing has been facing substantial regulatory challenges over the last few years for CE marking in …

Are you dealing with multiple vendors for one project?

Medical device manufacturing is a complex and highly regulated industry that requires collaboration and coordination between multiple stakeholders, including manufacturers, converters, suppliers, and regulatory agencies …

What would stop rapid prototyping being rapid?

Rapid medical device prototyping is a design and manufacturing process that enables fast creation of physical or functional models for new product designs. The goal …

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