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Choosing a wound care manufacturer

Identifying the right medical manufacturing partner to fulfil your wound care needs requires confidence and knowledge in their ability. How do you go about selecting the correct partner, someone you trust with delivering quality for your customers. During the vetting process, it is highly recommended to be aware of the following: Qualifications Production space Complete […]

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Maintaining operations for a business requires relentless adherence to company procedures in order to be effective and efficient. However, unforeseen situational and environmental changes can have a profound impact on how a company operates and this is what makes PolarSeal unique. Recent occurrences have placed many industries under immense pressure with little time to react […]

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Your Single Solution for Medical Device Contract Manufacturing

It can be an arduous process, creating something from scratch. So: your business has an innovative new idea for a medical device – where do you start? As these questions begin to mount and you begin to do research, you can see that you actually need a handful of different specialised companies to create your […]

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To counter the effects of COVID19 on the supply chain, PolarSeal we have streamlined our process to design, manufacture, and distribute wound care products.

Is Coronavirus impacting the supply of your wound care products?

The output of the Chinese manufacturing sector cannot be understated. China’s output in manufacturing and global supply chains counts for one-quarter of the global total – meaning the effects of the 2020 outbreak of the novel coronavirus are not simply physical in nature: the contagion is seeping its way into the global economy as well. […]

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Selecting the Optimal Adhesive for your Health Sensor 

When we think about our skin, we tend to forget one pretty central fact: it’s not simply the outside of our body… it’s an organ in and of itself. That means that it expands, contracts, sweats, shivers, absorbs, breaks, and heals – all things that can provide a number of challenges when you’re trying to […]

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PolarSeal and Wearable Health

Picture it: a professional rugby player who is just coming back from a potentially career-ending injury is being treated by his team’s physiotherapists. His leg was horrifically bent backwards in a test match last November and he tore integral ligaments in his knee. After a lot of rehabilitation work, he’s able to walk again, but […]

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PolarSeal has 25 years of experience in ostomy component manufacture and supply

The Impact of New Product Development on Ostomates

The ostomy components market is due to reach over $3.4 billion this year due to the increasing prevalence of illnesses such as bowel disease and cancer. This means an increasing number of ostomates are seeking ways in which to live a “normal” life, unencumbered by limitations (perceived or otherwise) created by living with an ostomy […]

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Wearable Devices

Wearable Medical Device Forecast 2017-2022

Wearable Medical Devices are helping to define fitness optimization for users. As well as health professionals by collecting data which is further transferred from wearables to devices that are connected such as smartphones. With growing incidences of these situations, there has been an emergence of data hub through activity monitors which forms direct links between […]

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PolarSeal The Diverse Manufacturers Leading the Field

PolarSeal: The Diverse Manufacturers Leading the Field

“We take a lot of pride in being the engineer’s dream”.  Says John Rich, senior director of PolarSeal. The company, whose name is derived from the polar star, Polaris. And their dedication to making sealing materials, often referring to that statement as their motto. Ater a long-time supplier praised them with those exact words. “It […]

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PolarSeal celebrate NVQ success

NVQ Success for PolarSeal Production Staff

Flexible material conversion specialists PolarSeal, have recently demonstrated their commitment to helping their staff better themselves and their performance. As they Celebrate NVQ success as 4 members of their production team pass their NVQs following successful assessments at the conclusion of their course.

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