An Adhesive Solution For A Wearable Medical Device Patch

Wearable Technology


PolarSeal can develop and provide the adhesive tape and material needed to manufacture wearable medical devices, delivering high quality and innovative stick-to-skin solutions. We work alongside wearable medical technology companies and design engineers in order to provide the best solutions for our clients.  

the problem

A client came to us in need of a solution for a patch that will hold a wearable medical device to the body but where the patch could remain on the body through bathing, showering but the device removed during this time and then put back on after 

the solution

Our research and development team worked to create a 2-part patch to include a highly breathable skin patch with a technological top surface. Replaceable patch acting as an interface between the skin patch and wearable device but would remove cleanly off skin patch without lifting off from friction. The 2-part patch included a combination of several materials and adhesives. 

the Result

The result was that we managed to manufacture and produce for our client a breathable skin patch with easy removal without fall off from friction. In addition, no residue left on the skin patch or device.