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As a fast-growing contract medical device manufacturer, the need for talent is always high. Join PolarSeal® Tapes & Conversions and become part of a leading team in our industry.

Project Management

Project Management

Operations & production - PolarSeal-min


Administration and IT

Administration and IT

Human Reources

Human Resources





Quality & Regulatory Affairs - PolarSeal

Quality and Regulatory Affairs



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Students & Work Experience

Step 1 – Find the position you wish to apply for which can be found on this (careers) page. Select your department of choice and proceed to the next step.

Step 2 – Click on the role you are applying for, read through the description carefully and then click ‘Apply’.

Step 3 – The PolarSeal® team will confirm your application and review.

Step 4 – Based on progression status, we will conduct a series of oral and competency interviews.

Step 5 – We will notify you on your success and welcome you to the PolarSeal® team.

Step 6 – Your first day will include orientation.

  1. How do I apply for a job? Visit our frequently updated list of jobs available for each department. Find a position you like and click ‘Apply’.
  2. I want to work for PolarSeal® but there are no suitable vacancies? Our talent pool lets us know of your interest, complete the form and we will be in touch as a position becomes available.
  3. Do you offer hybrid opportunities? We offer, remote, office-based and hybrid opportunities based on the role you are applying for.
  4. After I apply for a position, what happens? We will confirm receipt of your application and a member of staff will confirm your progression status.
  5. Does PolarSeal® provide benefits for employees? PolarSeal® provides financial and well-being packages for all of our employees. 

Want to join the PolarSeal® team but there are no suitable vacancies available currently? Joining our talent pool lets us know of your interest and you will be the first to know when an applicable job becomes available.

Just send us your latest CV and let us know your department of interest so we can best inform you.

Talent pool

PolarSeal® is continuously growing and always on the lookout to onboard new talent. Join our talent pool and include your area of expertise and we will be in touch when a position just right for you becomes available.

We look forward to hearing from you and joining the PolarSeal® team.

Furthermore, explore the areas below to which you can showcase your skills, bring new ideas to the table, and be part of a fast-moving company.

Leadership team

As you join the PolarSeal® team, we will introduce you to all members to welcome you. Meet our Leadership team, combining a wealth of knowledge and experience.

PolarSeal Leadership team

People, equality and diversity

Workforce diversity

Social responsibility

Employee wellbeing

Onboarding and employee development

People, equality and diversity