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We utilise bespoke cutting methods to produce high-end and high performance components, for all types of self-adhesive and non-adhesive products.

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Rotary medical die cutting

The use of high-speed rotary die cutting equipment fitted with an extensive range of innovative capabilities enables us to configure a vast range of medical devices and possibilities in presentation, style, and format. When combined with lamination, multi-layer substrates, printed backing papers, and sheeting in a single pass, the possibilities are truly endless. Final die-cut presentation options include cutting to individual products, sheets, parts on rolls or work-sets. The capabilities also include the perforation of materials to aid breathability and product design. PolarSeal® has the capability to perforate almost any material to a bespoke pattern and even to register, providing product designers with a far greater choice of perforation pattern and format.

MAXIMUM SIZE: 350mm WIDTH x 500mm

MAXIMUM SIZE: 13.78″ WIDTH x 19.68″

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Island and multi-island dressing placement

Innovative wound care solutions require precision. Rotary Die cutting offers unparalleled island and multi-island placement possibilities, ensuring maximum effectiveness. 

Pinpoint island placement:

Quality control – Rotary die cutting ensures standard conformity and maintains product superiority.

Efficiency – A single rotary die cutting machine is capable of producing thousands of units within a short period.

Cost-effective – Rotary die cutting reduces waste, allowing for significant savings on material costs.

Multi-island dressings use precision rotary die cutting to provide superior performance in managing fluid and drainage, reducing irritation in surrounding skin areas and promoting a conducive healing climate.

The benefits of precision island placement

Precision island placement in advanced wound dressings offers several notable benefits. Firstly, it allows for targeted and specific coverage of the wound area, ensuring that the dressing adheres precisely to the affected region without unnecessary overlap onto healthy skin. This focused application minimizes material wastage and optimizes the utilization of the dressing, resulting in cost savings and enhanced efficiency. Secondly, precision island placement promotes better wound healing outcomes by creating a favorable environment for tissue regeneration. 

By isolating the wound and protecting it from external contaminants, such as bacteria or debris, the dressing helps reduce the risk of infection and facilitates the natural healing process. Additionally, this technique enables healthcare professionals to easily monitor the wound’s progress without disturbing the healing tissue, enabling timely intervention when necessary. Overall, precision island placement offers enhanced precision, cost-effectiveness, improved wound care, and efficient monitoring, making it a valuable asset in advanced wound dressing technologies.

Why use PolarSeal® for die cutting?

PolarSeal®’s variety of die cutting techniques and methods can be optimized to suit your application and production volume, resulting in cost savings and improved efficiency.
Our processes are designed to die cut many materials, including tape, adhesive, foam, silicone foam, fabric, film, and more.

Medical Die Cutting


Precision cutting

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Frequently Asked QUestions

Cutting is converting specified material into precision components. The shape and type of components can be tailored using a variety of cutting techniques.

  1. Custom shapes can be created in a simple process quickly and effectively.
  2. A variety of designs can be cut even through multiple layers.
  3. High volume can be achieved.
  1. High volume production
  2. High precision and accuracy
  3. Combining multiple process in the same line such as lamination and printing
  1. Less expensive tooling
  2. Ability to cut through thicker materials
  3. Waste reduction

You will have the ability to cut very large parts that not many machines can convert.

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