Contract sterilization for medical devices

Focusing on patient care and infection prevention

From Gamma Irradiation through to E-Beam sterilization, PolarSeal offers a first class service in sterilizing your medical device.

PolarSeal-sterilization of medical devices

E-Beam irradiation sterilization

Electron beam (e-beam) irradiation uses high-energy electrons for a variety of applications. PolarSeal uses this sterilization method to control the contamination of medical devices. High-energy beams are sent through the desired device with a pre-defined size and area, allowing precise execution of the sterilization process.

E-beam sterilization is compatible with most materials with a reduction in penetration within denser materials.

PolarSeal have the ability to sterilize single-use medical devices and control package contamination with minimal to no damage to the device itself.

PolarSeal e-beam irradiation

EtO Sterilization

Ethylene Oxide sterlization is a process of using low temperature gases to sterilize a range of medical devices. The low temperature allows this process to penetrate most single use medical devices and flexible material. Not being exposed to heat, moisture, or radiation, this process allows the sterilization of wide a variety of materials.

PolarSeal helps identify the correct sterilization process for your device, depending on the thickness, packaging, and complexity of the device. PolarSeal can take your advanced wound care dressings, fixation devices, and assembled complex devices and run through this vacum based process for sterilization. 

Gamma irradiation sterilization

Multi-layered devices comprising of different materials with varying densities are most commonly run through gamma sterilization. The high penetration levels of gamma irridation is ideal for thicker complex devices as well as already packaged products.

This method allows a  specified dose to be delivered to areas of higher density. Gamma sterilization is a reliable and highly effective method, with the ability to treat multiple complex devices, pentrating devices that have already been packaged or pouched. 

PolarSeal can take your already converted and packed medical device and then run through the sterilization process, delivered and ready go-to-market solution.

PolarSeal Gamma Irradiation

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