PolarSeal® roadmap

Highlighting our current and future development plans

PolarSeal® is an evolving and progressive converter looking to lead the way in medical flexible material converting through the implementation of innovation and outstanding employee development plans.

PolarSeal Roadmap 2023

What did PolarSeal® achieve in 2023?

Following a year of onboarding exceptional talent and streamlining business operations, PolarSeal® now looks to knowledge transfers, enhancing team members, and internal education and increasing employee well-being. We welcome you to visit our achievements and view our annual aspirations.

What are PolarSeal'®s development plans for 2024?

Organization wide cyber security training and education

Manufacturing expansion within the United States of America

Enhancement of lean processes

Improved sustainability rating with Ecovadis

Additional production lines acquired in 2023 to be put into operation

Further develop digital service for our customers

employee wellbeing

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