Our commitment to
inclusion and diversity

At PolarSeal®, we believe in a “ONE TEAM “approach and we strive to transform through this process, every day for our customers, employees, and the public. It is inevitable a rich diverse workforce brings transformation with new thriving innovative ideas, and reflects on communities in which we operate – facilitates us to better understand and cater to the needs of PolarSeal® customers, suppliers, employees, and partners. The ONE TEAM approach defines high-performance team behaviour and focuses on delivering extraordinary results together.

People, equality and diversity
workplace diversity

Workforce diversity

A diverse workplace enforces a sense of belonging – Equality & Inclusion are the key to unlocking the true power of diversity. Through equality & inclusion we ensure everyone has access to the same choices, opportunities, access, partnerships, communications, policies & attitude. Through the sense of belonging – it enables the elements of comfort, connection and contribution to our customers, suppliers, employees, and partners. 

We want to be the best organization to work for and collaborate with – prioritizing belonging to promote inclusion, health & wellbeing and looking after everyone. 

Onboarding and developing our people

  • PolarSeal® undertakes appropriate training, to ensure managers & employees making selection and recruitment decisions do not discriminate, in making decisions. 
  • We adopt a consistent, non-discriminatory approach to the advertising of vacancies where all employees involved in the recruitment process will periodically review and offer training on unconscious bias to increase awareness and inclusion during selection criteria, to ensure that they are related to the job requirement and not to discriminate unlawfully.
  • Promotion and Career development will be made on accomplishment and take account of individual capabilities.

We work everyday to remove visible and invisible barriers to promote a culture of belonging, inclusiveness, awareness and understanding - like our PolarSeal® Values:

We put P eople first

We O perate with a sense of urgency

We are a L earning organisation

We bring the right A ttitude to work

We are R enowned for finding solutions

Environmental, Social, and Governance

PolarSeal® recognises our role as a Global Manufacturer comes with a certain level of environmental and social responsibility and we endeavour each day to fulfil our responsibilities to the wider community. The PolarSeal culture is one of respect and compassion, for our people and our planet. We strive for transparency of our practices and our reputation as a responsible leading converter is of the utmost importance.

Social Responsibility

PolarSeal® holds employees and everyone we engage with, with the highest regard. From the health and safety of each employee to fair labour standards, embracing diversity and overall inclusion, PolarSeal® is dedicated to a positive, engaging work environment. Our positive work environment not only applies within our organization but for each individual we encounter, including third-party suppliers and partners. We expect each individual we engage with to adhere to the same ethical standards.

employee wellbeing

Employee Wellbeing

A strong employee well-being strategy is integral to our success. As an employer it is our responsibility to break down the barriers to ensure our staff feel productive and challenged in the workplace, as well as supported and empowered, with open channels of communication. That’s why at PolarSeal® we ensure our staff are trained in spotting the signs of workplace stress.

So how can we support our employees when appropriate in post?

  • Flexible working hours. 
  • Hybrid working location.
  • Advancing our employees learning.
  • Ensuring open channels of communication between staff and managers.
  • Encouraging a healthy work-life balance.

PolarSeal® makes work-life balance a priority by encouraging staff to take their annual leave, lunch breaks and coffee breaks, optional Family Days and time off for medical appointments.

Environmental Responsibility

PolarSeal® is dedicated to doing our part in creating a more sustainable future. We will continue to develop and improve our processes and techniques for a greener tomorrow.

We continue to invest in sustainable manufacturing for our future generations, some of the initiatives we promote are using 100% renewable energy from trusted sources across our manufacturing sites, recycling nearly all of our waste, partnering with other businesses to reuse and repurpose our medical release liners.