Contingency plan - ensuring consistent contract manufacturing

Assurance in medical device manufacturing

PolarSeal® contingency planning demonstrates genuine dual manufacturing capability with two stand-alone manufacturing sites, each fully validated for medical conversion.

Converting Contingency Plan
polarseal dual map graphic

Ensuring continued supply and consistency

Contingency planning is devised for an outcome other than in the usual (expected) plan. It is used for risk management when an exceptional risk that, though unlikely, would have catastrophic consequences.

PolarSeal® has the absolute assurance of contingency by operating two very much stand-alone manufacturing sites in the UK, 150 miles apart from each other. With fully validated cleanrooms at both facilities and identical machinery operating at each, this is the unique solution that PolarSeal® offers to dual manufacturing.

Our clients see contingency planning as critical to their supply and market share, and by partnering with PolarSeal® we offer this complete package in one. When operating in a critical field such as healthcare, it became increasingly obvious that operating two sites, with this distance in between is the way to provide clients with absolute assurance of continued supply and consistency.