Tube filling

Wet medical devices formulation and tube filling

PolarSeal guides customers through the entire product implementation process of fluid-based wet medical devices. Starting from the concept to delivering the final product in high volume ready for global distribution. Our dedication to detail, coupled with our extensive medical certifications including ISO13485 and FDA registration ensure that your product is filled accurately and to the required standard.

Wet-medical device capability includes:

PolarSeal Tube Filling Machine

The spectrum of services extends through a seamless process, including:

PolarSeal Tube Filling

Typical application areas

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Frequently Asked QUestions

This is a process whereby jars, vials, tubes, and other liquid holding containers are run through a line and filled with a specific liquid which could range from cosmetics through to stoma pastes and scar management gels.

Our wet-medical device filling capability allows us to fill a variety of tubes and jars with a variety of liquids and pastes.

Our printing capability allows us to print labels to fit your tube, vial or jar. Your own pre-printed labels can be brought in-house and applied.

We have trusted liquid formulators that we use to create formulations to meet your specifications.