Large format die cutting

Large scale die cutting

We utilise bespoke cutting methods to produce high-end and high performance components, for all types of self-adhesive and non-adhesive products.

PolarSeal Cutting

Large format medical die cutting

PolarSeal® has the facility to produce very large-scale die-cuts up to 1600mm x 800mm in size. Large and irregular shaped gaskets or masking products are typical items produced in this way.

MAXIMUM DIE-CUT SIZE: 1600mm x 800mm


Why use PolarSeal® for die cutting?

PolarSeal®’s variety of die cutting techniques and methods can be optimized to suit your application and production volume, resulting in cost savings and improved efficiency.
Our processes are designed to die cut many materials, including tape, adhesive, foam, silicone foam, fabric, film, and more.

Medical Die Cutting


Precision cutting

PolarSeal converting capabilities

High volume

Frequently Asked QUestions

Cutting is converting specified material into precision components. The shape and type of components can be tailored using a variety of cutting techniques.

  1. Custom shapes can be created in a simple process quickly and effectively.
  2. A variety of designs can be cut even through multiple layers.
  3. High volume can be achieved.
  1. High volume production
  2. High precision and accuracy
  3. Combining multiple process in the same line such as lamination and printing
  1. Less expensive tooling
  2. Ability to cut through thicker materials
  3. Waste reduction

You will have the ability to cut very large parts that not many machines can convert.

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