Converting for a greener and sustainable future

PolarSeal is dedicated to doing our part in creating a more sustainable future. We will continue to develop and improve our processes and techniques for a greener tomorrow.

PolarSeal Sustainability

What are PolarSeal doing to become more sustainable?

As a contract manufacturer of medical devices and tape conversion, we have a responsibility to work with our clients to ensure the products and solutions we provide are as sustainable as possible. By this, we will work towards building and promoting sustainable industrialisation as well as ensuring that we contribute towards responsible consumption and production methodologies. This is alongside our charitable contributions that help support a variety of national and international causes from poverty to cancer research and more.

PolarSeal has been evaluated and audited by Ecovadis, enabling us with actions to improve our sustainability initiatives and increase the positive impact we have on our environment. The results placed PolarSeal above industry average.

Message from our Managing Director

“PolarSeal are a fast moving and growing enterprise driven by purpose.  We enjoy working with our clients and supply partners to ensure the products and solutions we provide are as sustainable as possible.  PolarSeal continue to invest in sustainable manufacturing for the future generations.”

John Rich                                                            

Managing Director, PolarSeal

PolarSeal Chief Executive Officer


PolarSeal 3M


We partner with other businesses to reuse and repurpose our medical release liners to have a bigger and more positive impact on the environment & partner with likeminded businesses who operate with sustainability in mind.


We recycle nearly all of our waste., and installed recycling options throughout our sites to reduce waste.

Our Progress!

Last year we began work to achieve our target of planting trees across our manufacturing sites, PolarSeal planted 6 trees to encourage wildlife, providing vital shelter for birds and insects. 

In 2022 PolarSeal took important steps to achieve our sustainability targets to contribute towards a healthy planet, as well as putting processes in place for our employees wellbeing. As medical device manufacturers for over 40 years we have been involved in the development and growth of the healthcare industry, and we continue to work towards a greener future.

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