Rapid Medical Device Prototyping and Operational Efficiencies

RD and prototyping machine

The machines used in manufacturing can sometimes feel like a microcosm of the entire industry. Machines are efficient and productive, but only work properly when all the component parts are doing their jobs without issue. So too is a manufacturing company – each component part and department must be working in sync with the rest of the machine in order to be productive. And like a machine, each facet of a medical manufacturer can be fine-tuned to make the production machine more efficient and less wasteful. Working as a team with rapid communication and a clear set of goals and values can aid us in fine-tuning the industry to streamline processes.

Rapid Prototyping and Efficiencies

Efficient machinery and production lines play a critical role in the manufacturing process, specifically in the medical manufacturing field. To produce a high volume of parts over a specifically shortened period running to strict deadlines, there is obviously going to be a knock-on effect of downtime. The longer the job switch, machine setup, testing, and training, the bigger the toll it takes on energy, time, materials, and resources. In using continuous innovation, employing highly skilled operations and project managers, and investing in new technologies, PolarSeal has been able to reduce machine downtime and increase productivity. As an end and ideal result, we can achieve our goals of reducing energy and materials spent – results which are good for efficiency and for the environment.

Furthermore, we strive to surpass these current efficiencies by implementing automation and new, ground-breaking processes. We can achieve this by using laser cutting technologies for increased accuracy, innovative processes added to the manufacturing line to streamline production, as well as automated quality checks of incoming and outgoing materials and products.

PolarSeal isn’t just a flexible material converter – we’re a solutions provider within the medical device industry. As a result, we can offer tooling stock that results in rapid prototyping, little to zero lead time on orders, reduction in resources and materials, and saving costs.

The medical manufacturing industry, as well, is one that thrives on continual technological advancements. Within the next 10 to 20 years, we intend to be at the forefront of our industry through heavy investment in new and innovative techniques and machinery. For example, 3D printing is taking over the unsustainable practice of injection molding. We believe that each step of our manufacturing process can be improved to be more efficient through technology. This growth in our technology will be coupled with an equally large investment in the upskilling and knowledge transfer of all PolarSeal’s new and existing staff. As powerful as machinery is, our people are the heart of all we do.

Material sourcing practices

Having a pre-established network with material providers and a clear understanding of incoming and future orders from customers, we are able not only to obtain materials quickly, but also order in bulk and hold with extensive storage capacity. This simplified logistic pattern prevents complex ordering methods which are prone to mistakes and ultimately reduces our carbon footprint.

Additionally, PolarSeal holds a stock of materials that can be used for multiple jobs at high volume throughout a sustained period. Again, this forward planning eliminates the high usage of freight and delivery. Having the opportunity to stockpile important materials saves time for original equipment manufacturers and can streamline future jobs.


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