Medical production services

PolarSeal® remains as one of the leading contract manufacturers and flexible material converters through constant investment in innovative technologies and priding itself in being a solutions provider for world leading medical device companies and healthcare providers. We collaborate with our clients and use extensive in-house capabilities to conceptualize, design, develop and manufacture.


We continuously strive to drive down client spend on materials, tooling, and distribution through thought out strategies.

PolarSeal®’s experienced team empowers itself with the ability to handle quality control, rapid product prototyping, project management, medical material and adhesive selection, clean room manufacturing and high-quality flexible material converting of medical device components.

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Route to market

PolarSeal® equips you with everything you need to take your medical device to market within all territories.

Consignment stock & international warehousing

We offer end-to-end solutions to streamline your supply chain and reduce costs. Contact us today to find out how we can help your business.

Cleanroom manufacturing

PolarSeal® now operates 5 standalone and fully validated ISO 7 cleanrooms in accordance with ISO 14644:1999.

medical adhesives

Medical adhesives

Tapes, adhesives and bonding solutions to meet any application requirement.

Material selection

Working closely with companies and individuals across all industry sectors, we select the optimal materials for your product functionality.


Research and development team

CE marking

PolarSeal® is fully accredited and audited by the FDA and by European Notified Bodies, which means it can CE mark and manufacture all classes of medical devices.

PolarSeal Outsourcing

Outsourced operations

Installing clients machinery in our manufacturing facilities allows our clients to focus on driving growth whilst having the peace of mind their production is fully optimised to satisfy consumer demand.





R&D and prototyping

Our dedicated R&D team will work with you seamlessly in bringing concept to reality and into production through innovation.

Product development and project management

In-depth understanding and knowledge of self-adhesive technology, manufacturing processes and its products managed.

Inflation in the medical device market

Medical tape converter

Affordable bespoke medical tape for wound care. Use a trusted and preferred adhesive tape converter for medical tape conversion.

FDA 510K certification

With our expertise and resources, we can help you to obtaining FDA 510k medical device certification.


PolarSeal-sterilization of medical devices


From Gamma Irradiation through to E-Beam sterilization, PolarSeal® offers a first class service in the sterilizing your medical device.