Multi-zone lamination

Laminating self-adhesive materials

Providing total confidence and peace of mind.

PolarSeal® has extensive facilities to laminate flexible material substrates onto a huge variety of other substrates thus enabling us to supply you with tape or die-cuts constructed to your unique specification.

Multi-zone lamination

Multi-Zone lamination is frequently used to provide areas of non-adhesive material within a construction to aid in the handling and application of your product. This process may also be used to provide narrow areas of adhesive for temporary holding or placement of parts.


Multi zone lamination graphic
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Innovative processes to combine materials

Our in-house laminating capabilities allow us to combine several materials on different presses, with more materials processed and combined on bespoke presses. Our in-house laminating processes include:

Frequently Asked QUestions

Lamination is a process of combining multiple layers of materials.

  1. Stable and versatile
  2. Increased strength with a variety of materials
  3. Application of a trusted adhesive
  4. Application of varied material thickness which can be applied to many standard products
  5. Conducted in a cleanroom environment
This describes the partial adhesive coverage of a component. This can be accomplished through converting – by laminating materials together, precision die cutting materials, and removing waste material from the finished part.

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