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Affordable bespoke and standard medical tape for wound care. Use a trusted and preferred adhesive tape converter for medical tape conversion.

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Converting medical tape

Converting medical tape is the process of transforming flexible adhesive material into a different form to solve a specific medical problem. We provide medical professionals with bespoke medical tapes to help them meet difficult situations with reliable patient and wound care.

We can provide you with medical tape converted in our ISO7-certified cleanrooms, ensuring that the medical tape provided does not have any impurities. We follow all best practices when converting tape to ensure the most accurate wound care products. We work with a variety of supply partners including 3M, Avery Dennison, and more.

Preferred medical tape converter

As a preferred 3M adhesive tape converter, we can provide high-quality and affordable converting processes and medical adhesive tapes. Medical adhesive tape (or surgical adhesive tape) can be used for a variety of situations from holding a wound closed before stitches, to attaching bandages to wounds, or as a replacement for stitches, and more.

With the varied uses of medical adhesive tape, there needs to be a variety of lengths, widths, materials and styles of tape. We can convert surgical tape into specifically sized rolls, and die cut or slit tape to fit your needs. These converted products can be used for your specific medical purpose, each aimed at improving the quality of the product while reducing the cost.

There are a variety of tape conversions that can be used to improve medical products. For example, custom double-sided tape can offer improved strength and stability for medical applications. These can be used to offer better adaptability to materials needed for wound care device mounting. Choosing the right adhesive tape can help ensure durability and comfort for medical device components.

We have the knowledge to specify the best product based on performance and pricing. Our team has the skills and know-how to handle and convert medical tape products to your exact requirements. We are able to source and provide reduced lead times for samples, prototypes and full orders of surgical tape. We use a wide range of tape products to create bespoke solutions for our clients.

3M™ Medical Tape 9926T
3M™ Medical Tape 9916


Avery Dennison 650SI

3M™ Medical Foam Tape 9781

3M Medical foam tape 9781

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