Lathe slitting

Converting pressure sensitive tape

Slitting of adhesive and non-adhesive coated materials to custom widths.

Material slitting - lathe slitting & rewind slitting
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Lathe slitting

All types of self-adhesive and non-adhesive materials can be slit to your specification on our lathe slitting equipment. Whether standard or non-standard widths, these processes are often the first step in production prior to die cutting, lamination, or printing. By lathe slitting on the original core without rewinding, widths down to 3mm can be achieved and low volume orders can be undertaken.


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PolarSeal® slitting materials

PolarSeal® performs slitting for the following materials:

Do you require a non-standard roll width?

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PolarSeal Slitting Capabilities

Frequently Asked QUestions

Slitting is cutting large rolls (master roll) of material in narrower rolls.

What are the benefits of Lathe Slitting?

  1. Bespoke sizing can improve your operational efficiency
  2. Sizing tailored to your needs can reduce waste
  1. Parts can be customized
  2. Reduction in your production process
  3. Bulk buying of materials can reduce cost
  1. Our minimum slit width is 3mm. Wider slit widths, the material becomes more stable.
  1. Shear: A male and female rotary knife
  2. Razor: A razor blade that cuts “in-air” or “in-groove”
  3. Score/Crush: A rotary blade pressed into a hardened anvil roller

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