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PolarSeal® brings you the latest news and resources around Adhesive Tape Converting and medical device manufacturing as well as our customer success stories where we have used our expertise to solve complex problems.

FLEXcon Omni-wave interview

3M 4578 interview


PolarSeal® overview

Material & adhesive solutions

Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

Wound care experts

Packing & pouching

PolarSeal Manuka Honey

Manuka honey impregnation

11 Biggest Mistakes in Medical Tape Conversion

Medical manufacturing mistakes

PolarSeal Flow Wrapping

Flow wrapping

bottles being filled by tube filling machine

Tube filling

tube filling machines fluid-based medical devices

Tube filling solutions

Continued operations

Technical drawing of patch

Advanced wound care

end to end solutions

Solutions provider

A female doctor in full ppe

Protection systems

PPE Video Cover

Medical protection production

Ostomy Case Study

Ostomy components

PolarSeal Recycling


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