Accurate Diagnostic Testing

Reliable and extremely accurate membrane based diagnostic testing is now used by millions of patients globally on a daily basis.

Diagnostic test products

The development of accurate in-home and over-the-counter diagnostic test products for a wide range of healthcare issues has driven intense development of multi-layer laminate construction of specialist adhesive coated films and space tape lamination. PolarSeal has been actively involved in this fast-growing market sector from the start, and now plays a major role in the development and manufacture of new diagnostic test strips.

Medical diagnostics
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Reliable and extremely accurate membrane-based diagnostic medical test strips are now used by millions of patients globally daily. Diagnostic products include blood coagulation, blood glucose, cholesterol, ischemia, heart failure, blood pressure, urinary tract infections as well as testing for ovulation and pregnancy.


By utilising cutting edge bespoke converting capability and an unparalleled experience of the materials required, PolarSeal can provide the manufacture of these critical diagnostic products to the tightest tolerance requested whilst serving the mass volume required.

PolarSeal Diagnostics

PolarSeal is fully qualified in this advanced technical field and can offer great flexibility in terms of the options possible in respect of the design and production specifications of these specialist products which may include:

tape construction

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