Markets we serve

PolarSeal®’s converting expertise allows us to develop and provide innovative skin-friendly adhesive and medical material solutions to clients operating in the medical industry.

Extensive knowledge of varied adhesive applications allows us to create multi-layer devices that can be situationally customised to healthcare providers’ needs and their end-users. Our validated production lines give us the unique opportunity to manufacture an array of applications ranging from surgical films and wound care dressings through diagnostic test strips and ostomy bag components.


Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

Advanced wound care solutions

PolarSeal® offers unrivalled product support and experience in the design and manufacture of advanced wound care products.

ostomy components

Ostomy components

An in-depth understanding of the requirements to improve quality of life for stoma care patients.

Fixation devices

Providing secure, flexible and intelligent fixation of tubes and medical device products to the body.

Wearable medical devices

PolarSeal® can provide the components needed to develop wearable devices, delivering high quality and innovative medical adhesive solutions.

Finger Prick Test Kits

Diagnostic production

The development of accurate in-home and over-the-counter diagnostic test for a wide range of healthcare issues has driven development of multi-layer laminate construction of medical adhesive coated films.

Consumer healthcare solutions

Personal care products based on medical adhesive tape and films, including blister plasters, foot care products and cosmetic patches.

Electro-medical solutions

Providing medical adhesive solutions that adhere electrodes and other monitoring components to the skin.

bottles being filled by tube filling machine

Wet medical device solutions

PolarSeal® guides customers through the entire product implementation process of fluid-based wet medical devices and cosmetics.

adhesive backing being peeled away from surgical fillm

Surgical films

Utilising a range of high specification and skin-friendly polyurethane films, PolarSeal® has the capabilities and a depth of experience in the production of user-friendly incision films for surgical use.

Life sciences

PolarSeal® manufactures high performance products for use in the fast growing Molecular Technology Industry.