Surgical films - combining medical adhesives & materials

Skin-friendly incise film solutions

Sealing off surgical field and preventing bacteria migrating into the wound.

Skin friendly surgical film

Utilising a range of high specification and skin-friendly polyurethane films, PolarSeal has the capabilities and a depth of experience in the production of user-friendly incision films for surgical use.

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The use of disposable surgical drapes is recognised as a major factor in minimising the incidence of post-operative infections. A broad range of skin-friendly adhesive surgical films is available to meet the requirements of this sector. Applications include:

The high-performance polyurethane (PU) films, which are an effective bacterial and viral barrier together with advanced specification medical-grade pressure-sensitive adhesive are at the core of this product range. These skin-friendly adhesives demonstrate the unique ability to maintain adhesion despite the extensive use of irrigation fluids or the release of body fluids during surgical procedures.

Product Design

PolarSeal is fully qualified in this specialist field and can offer great flexibility in terms of the options possible in respect of the design or construction specifications of surgical film products which may include:

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