Inkjet product marking in-line printing

High quality printing for product identification

As a trusted converter, our printing capabilities ensure the best possible results on a variety of substrates.

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Inkjet product marking in-line

As an aid to product identification, batch traceability, and other specialist applications, in-line inkjet printing provides total control and flexibility. A considerable range of print size options and font styles enable specific requirements to be met with minimal set-up costs. Other applications include instructions for use such as ‘peel here’ or ‘apply this way up’, or warnings such as ‘Do not remove’.

High-resolution print for batch identification:

High-resolution printing will allow your parts, products, and packaging imprints to have a superior appearance and legibility.

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PolarSeal Printing Capabilities

PolarSeal® Flexographic Printing

PolarSeal Printing Capabilities

PolarSeal® inline Printing

Frequently Asked QUestions

Through different processes, printing can be applied to the packaging prior to being added to the manufacturing process or printed onto the pouch or packaging to display brand or selected information based on the material being used.

  1. Inexpensive
  2. Laminated for protection
  3. Non-harmful/Non-toxic inks used
  1. Product identification
  2. Traceability
  3. Print flexibility
  4. Reliable and high speed marking

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