Electro-medical solutions

Adhesion solutions for electrode applications

Stick-to-skin solutions for monitoring devices, electrodes, ECG patches and more…

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Electrode adhesion solutions

Advances in electro-medical diagnostics have resulted in a huge level of demand for self-adhesive electrode patches in a wide variety of high-specification materials. With our global reach of leading-brand materials such as PE and EVA foams, non-woven materials, hydrogels, and conductive adhesives we can provide the ultimate adhesion solution.

Application overview

Our team of R&D specialists will work closely with you to ensure the electro-medical product we develop for you is fit for purpose and at the cutting edge in terms of its technology. We can then fast track your design from prototype to full-scale production. Applications include:

Application overview

Several specific requirements have to be considered in meeting design criteria for electrode pads. These include:

Wearable Devices

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