Corporate social responsibility (CSR)

From our employees to our communities, we put people first

Built into the foundation of PolarSeal, we have committed a large portion of our resources and efforts into providing to communities through charitable giving and engagement.

Charitable giving

Upholding our PEOPLE FIRST value, we are committed to providing more to those in our communities through charitable contributions. Furthermore, our engagement such as charity events assist in the fundraising for those in need.

OUR COVID-19 response

As a medical manufacturer, we have adapted to ensure we provide frontline workers and all other sectors with the necessary equipment to continue doing what they love with confidence.

A person being helped by a medical professional


With our 5 key values we are driven and dedicated to improving the wellbeing of our employees, to reduce our impact on the environment, and support & engage with our community.

  • We put PEOPLE first
  • We OPERATE with a sense of urgency
  • We are a LEARNING organisation
  • We bring the right ATTITUDE to work
  • We are RENOWNED for finding solutions

our csr pillars

PolarSeal Pillars


The wellness of our employees is PolarSeal’s highest priority, without our staff we would not be one of the leading contract medical device manufacturers.

With several employee well-being initiatives in place, we are able to create a welcoming, productive and warm environment for everyone.

1. Frequent team building

2. Personal development

3. Performance recognition

4. Knowledge transfer

5. Internal satisfaction surveys


As a fast-moving and growing company, we ensure that we have the right infrastructure in place to accommodate for growth. This has enabled us to boost job creation and placement job seekers through equal and fair employment.

PolarSeal has been able to achieve year on year double digit percentile growth hitting targets. We are committed to evolving and building an incredible team as we do.

Learn more about our previous growth and future plans by visiting our company roadmap.



It is becoming increasingly more important to look after the planet and its inhabitants. As a responsible business, we are doing our part to reduce our carbon footprint through several initiatives and improving company and operational efficiencies. 

As a leading contract medical manufacturer, we believe our role plays a pivotal part in encouraging others. 

Learn more about the steps we are taking towards a healthier planet.


We aim to make a positive impact on our surrounding communities through support programs. A few of our programs include:

1. Charitable giving

2. Placements with neighbouring colleges

3. Community support and involvement

By working with our communities and focused organisations, we are able to drive positive outcomes and do our part in creating a healthy community.