Changing for the Planet: A Converters Approach to Sustainability

PolarSeal Sustainability

We simply put one foot in front of the other, making the facile assumption that that’s ‘good enough’. We’re making progress, right? Confronting the future is another thing entirely. It is uncomfortable. Doing so means we burden ourselves with responsibility. In confronting the future, we stop walking momentarily, look up and ahead, and make some choices about how we move forward. 

PolarSeal is not just a collection of individuals dedicated to being flexible material converters but a company that has an impact on the environment. While it may be in vogue right now for corporations to pour money into advertising campaigns that educate individuals on how to lower their carbon footprint, we want to recognise our responsibility as a company and do our part to take active steps towards reducing our environmental footprint. 

We have gone on record in the past to discuss our ideas for a more sustainable future – including our goal of using 100% renewable energy at all our manufacturing sites, but we now want to keep up that momentum. These are our most audacious goals for maintaining a sustainable, environmentally friendly business. 


1. Reduce Unnecessary Waste

Just like any company, swift, clear, and concise communication is our key to success. As such, we have decided to move not just our main communication to a solely digital platform, but it is also our goal to become an entirely paperless company. Simply by cutting out paper, a staple of the office setting as long as there have been offices, data has shown a massive decline in unnecessary waste. This move has the parallel goal of reducing landfill impact by prioritising recyclable materials. 


2. Investing in Sustainable Manufacturing

We want to put our money where our mouth is – we’re not going to fall into the classic folly of spending money on advertising about environmentalism, but we’re actually going to invest in the environmental practices themselves. We are changing the way we run our supply chains based on the carbon footprint they leave, reducing our waste, and investing in renewable power supplies. “We enjoy working with our clients and supply partners to ensure the products and solutions we provide are as sustainable as possible,” managing director John Rich puts it. “PolarSeal will continue to invest in sustainable manufacturing for future generations.” 


3. Increasing Efficiency

As John Rich also mentions, we “are a fast-moving and growing enterprise driven by purpose.” This being the case, why wouldn’t we want to become a more efficient business? But efficiency always has a healthy by-product for the environment. A more efficient production system ensures less waste products, fewer wasted hours, and less energy being consumed as a whole. 

Ignoring the problem is easy, but PolarSeal has chosen to address the problem of environmental degradation head-on. If you want to know more about our sustainability initiatives or want to know how your product can be produced in a sustainable way, please don’t hesitate to contact us.