A Guide to Hook & Loop Fasteners for Medical Device Companies


Hook and loop fasteners are a widely used material in the medical industry, serving as a crucial component in many medical devices. This blog explores several advanced types of hook and loop fasteners, highlighting their applications in the medical field and key manufacturing considerations.

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    Standard Hook and Loop Fasteners

    Description: Standard hook and loop fasteners are very common in the medical industry and are typically made from woven nylon or polyester.


    • Patient Straps: Used for securing patients during procedures.
    • Wound Dressings: Ideal for securing wound dressings that need frequent adjustment.
    • Ostomy Bags: Standard hook and loop fasteners offer a secure fit which helps prevent leaks and provides confidence for the wearer.

    Manufacturing Considerations:

    • Biocompatibility: It’s important to ensure the fastener is safe for skin contact.
    • Sterilization: Before reaching the market, fasteners must withstand sterilization without being degraded.

    Mushroom Hook and Loop Fasteners

    Description: Mushroom hook and loop fasteners provide a stronger and longer lasting bond than standard hooks and loop fasteners.


    • Orthopaedic Supports: Used in braces and supports that require a secure and durable attachment.
    • Medical Equipment: Often used for securing equipment especially those that are frequently adjusted.

    Manufacturing Considerations:

    • Strength and Durability: It’s important to test these fasteners to ensure they maintain their strength and durability under repeated use.
    • Material Compatibility: Other materials used in the medical device should be selected to complement or enhance the durability and strength of the fastener.

    Low Profile Hook and Loop Fasteners

    Description: Low profile hook and loop fasteners have thinner hooks and loops, resulting in a more discreet fastener.


    • Ostomy bags: Particularly beneficial in ostomy bags where a more discreet closure is desired. They also offer a smooth closure that reduces the chance of irritation.
    • Electro-medical devices: Widely used for securing electro-medical devices without adding bulk.

    Manufacturing Considerations:

    • Strength: It’s crucial to test low profile hook and loop fastener to ensure sufficient fastening strength.

    Elastic Hook and Loop Fasteners

    Description: Elastic hook and loop fasteners are characterized by their elastic fibers that offer stretch and flexibility.


    • Ostomy Bags: Used for their ability to stretch and conform to the body’s movements, which is essential for maintaining a secure seal as the wearer moves.
    • Adjustable Supports: Also commonly used in supports and braces where flexibility is required.

    Manufacturing Considerations:

    • Elasticity: Ensuring the fasteners maintain their elasticity over time.
    • Comfort: It’s important to achieve a balancing between elasticity and patient comfort.

    Conductive Hook and Loop Fasteners

    Description: These fasteners have conductive fibers that can transmit electrical signals.


    • Electro-Medical Devices: Used in devices that deliver electrical stimulation to the body or for securing sensors and electrodes that need to conduct electrical signals.

    Manufacturing Considerations:

    • Conductivity: It’s crucial to test the conductive fibers to ensure they consistently transmit electrical signals.
    • Durability: Balancing conductivity with durability to withstand repeated use.

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