The challenge of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)



As an adhesive tape’s converter and component manufacturer, we provide solutions and with our diverse range of capabilities. We were able to help a client produce a high volume of PPE with rapid turnaround times. 

the problem

The global pandemic triggered an urgent outcry for record speed design and production of PPE. The client came to PolarSeal with the need of producing the correct requirements and volumes for a single face visor that was comfortable, adjustable, and produced under the correct medical device regulations.  

the solution

We ensured the product was designed, process developed, and collated all materials that needed to be sourced for high volume manufacture within 2 weeks. PolarSeal manufactured the products, so they produce fully CE compliant PPE and ensure it has been certified within 4 weeks. Highlighting how quickly our design and production service of PPE is.  

the result

We manufactured a volume of 100,000 units a day process within 4 weeks. This included the materials required being sourced and delivered in line to meet this demand of the market. We managed to develop a fully automated ultrasonically welded production line to increase daily production and performance of the visor.