Case Study for Surgical Films


The function and ease of surgical film application is paramount when dealing with critical care. PolarSeal uses R&D experience to design, develop and manufacture a surgical film for one of our customers, solving one of their biggest challenges yet.

the problem

A client came to PolarSeal highligting an issue that is effecting the launch of their surgical incise film. Their product had very thin films requiring non-adhesive handlebar sections. They needed removal of PE casting film and perforation of the handlebars so they can be torn off easily.

the solution

As a team we had designed and built a custom-made machine that can remove extremely thin films coated with adhesive of their custom printed release liner. It would also need to apply handle bars on the adhesive side, lay back down on its liner again and then perforated. 

the Result

PolarSeal’s solution was accepted buy the customer and put into place. This resulted in an all-in-one process and non-adhesive hadlebars in one process which reduced the risk, total cost as well as the complexity of the product and manufacturing process.

Additionally, we added full sheeting, rolling, flattening and packing into a pouch of incise films so that every process is included in-house.

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