A Bespoke Solution For A Global Medical Device Manufacturer For An Advanced Wound Care Dressing.

Advanced Wound Care


With the wound care market growing and predicted to continue to expand over the next few years, global medical device manufacturers contact PolarSeal to come up with bespoke solutions for advanced wound care dressings.  

the problem

A client came to us looking for a solution to manufacture a complex wound care dressing requiring tight tolerances and lamination of multiple layers of materials.  We had to find a way to tailor an efficient and effective wound care production line for our client that would prevent product curling, inconsistent island placement, and the use of correct materials for breathability. 

the solution

We provided a solution to integrate a multi-lamination process within a unique production and packing line. The custom process solved the problems of material curling with 100% accuracy of island placement. 

the Result

The solution we provided had several benefits. Providing our clients with a controlled and accurate production of the wound dressings with an integrated production line, reduced costs of using a separate lamination line. In addition, working alongside our experts we were able to manufacture a unique adhesive bonding method of the layers that did not negatively affect absorption or breathability, reducing the risk of contamination.