Case Study in electro-medical success


With the electro-medical market advancing rapidly, PolarSeal were approached by a customer to develop an innovative circuit board integration that required the integration of electrodes into the patch itself.

the problem

A client came to us looking for a solution to manufacture a complex integration of an electrical circuit board into the actual patch, not just simply reading the information and sending it through a wire to a receiving device. 

the solution

We provided a solution to combine hydrogel with a conductive transfer adhesive and integrate the circuit board in one production process. The custom process solved the problems of our client.

the Result

The solution we provided had several benefits and resulted in the removal of: 

  1. Manual handling of the circuit board 
  2. The usage of 4 production lines to an all-in-one process at PolarSeal 
  3. The height of the patch using conductive transfer adhesive patterns 
  4. All-in-one device with no need for additional wiring
By cutting the overall costs of manufacture and reducing material waste, PolarSeal was able to provide an innovative solution for our clients application to advance to market. 

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