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PolarSeal® is a flexible medical material converter and adhesives solutions provider to the global medical and healthcare market.

medical wearable device

PolarSeal Announces Wearable Medical Device Solutions in the US to Change Outcomes for 88 Million People at Risk for Type 2 Diabetes

PolarSeal Tapes and Conversions, a leading contract medical device manufacturer and adhesive converter, will now provide cost-effective and bespoke solutions for US’ wearable medical device …


PolarSeal supports local charity Phyllis Tuckwell

Leading flexible medical material converter and contract manufacturer, PolarSeal Tapes and Conversions Ltd have taken the steps towards contributing towards helping their local communities, by ...
US consumer healthcare market medical device

PolarSeal’s advanced capabilities implement cost-effective solutions in US consumer healthcare market

PolarSeal Tapes and Conversions, a leading medical material and adhesive converter, provide cost-effective solutions in the US for the consumer healthcare market using their advanced ...
PolarSeal Diagnostics

PolarSeal Innovates Unique Diagnostic Testing Strip Machinery in the United States

PolarSeal Tapes and Conversions, a leading flexible material and adhesive solutions provider, advance their offering to provide the manufacturing of diagnostic components in the United ...
PolarSeal looks to expand further over the next few years

The Bright Future of PolarSeal’s Expansion Plans

The past two years have felt like a whirlwind, but the future of PolarSeal has never been brighter. COVID-19 has forced us to think outside ...

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