The Bright Future of PolarSeal’s Expansion Plans

PolarSeal looks to expand further over the next few years

The past two years have felt like a whirlwind, but the future of PolarSeal has never been brighter. COVID-19 has forced us to think outside the box and come up with innovative new solutions to the issues we face in the medical manufacturing industry, which have allowed us to grow.

Since 1981, PolarSeal has been on the cutting edge of new process implementation and our goal in the last 40 years has not changed: to be an industry leader in contract medical manufacturing. In the past 10 years specifically, we have hit successive goals and milestones as a company – growing our outreach, expanding our capabilities, and expanding our production lines.

Our recent success indicates we are more than on the right path: our multi cleanroom sites have achieved above 10% year on year revenue goals. In 2021, our projections are showing a healthy 13% to 25% growth.

However, our plans are not just in increasing revenue. To truly become successful, there must be meaningful attention to detail in every aspect of a business. Our goals for 2021 and beyond involve focusing on these details and improving on each one to increase our collective success.

For instance, to better serve the global markets of wound care, diagnostics, surgical films, and more, we introduced new machinery and robotic technology to our cleanrooms to make the production process faster without losing efficiency. In 2022, we plan to expand our production further after acquiring new machinery, facilities, and land.

However, we hope to achieve expanding not just one aspect of our business, but many. We are introducing new software to improve client journeys and relations, we are expanding our project management team to grow our outreach to new clients, and we are refining our approach to R&D to accelerate production with state-of-the-art design. All the while, we are curbing emissions and reducing our landfill impact.

In short, PolarSeal has never been in a better space to expand, and we are very much looking forward to the future. If you have any questions about our new expansion efforts, please contact us.

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