PolarSeal supports local charity Phyllis Tuckwell


Leading flexible medical material converter and contract manufacturer, PolarSeal Tapes and Conversions Ltd have taken the steps towards contributing towards helping their local communities, by providing donations for local adult hospice, Phyllis Tuckwell.

Earlier this year PolarSeal introduced their four CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) pillars; healthy people, healthy business, healthy planet, and healthy communities. Already contributing to many charities across the UK, the contract medical device manufacturer wanted to do more within their local communities and build strong, close relationships, as part of their healthy community’s pillar. This has led to them providing continuous clothes donations for local hospice Phyllis Tuckwell.

Based across the whole of West Surrey and part of Northeast Hampshire, Phyllis Tuckwell is a Hospice Care Service for adult patients, and their families, living with cancer or another terminal illness. PolarSeal’s manufacturing site in Farnham is based in one of the locations Phyllis Tuckwell is based and wanted to be able to support this great charity.

Tom Enser from Phyllis Tuckwell says:

“We are really excited to be working with Polar Seal. They have been collecting stock donations for our shops. This is a huge help for us as we know that every bag they donate roughly translate to £10 we can make in our shops, It is also a great help to staff making it easier for them to donate and recycle their old clothes. We are also looking run some more fundraising activities throughout the year and build a great relationship together. Thank you Polar Seal for your support”

PolarSeal employees provided Phyllis Tuckwell with a large donation of clothes which will go a long way in raising money for the charity. PolarSeal have also set up two donation stations within their manufacturing sites across the UK, to continue to provide Phyllis Tuckwell with continuous donations – a great initiative taken by the company.

About PolarSeal

PolarSeal is a medical converting specialist using state of the art processes to collaborate with global medical device companies, to co-develop and contract manufacture vital components and medical devices for advanced wound care, consumer healthcare, ostomy, incise films and more.

Innovative production lines and highly trained operators enable high volume, quality and cost-effective production of medical devices. State of the art, custom-built machinery and ISO7 cleanroom facilities with ISO13485 accreditations, FDA audited and registered, ensure PolarSeal can design, develop and provide a full end-to-end solution for medical device companies at any stage of the process from design through to delivery.

PolarSeal has in-depth knowledge in combining materials and adhesives to develop complex and simple innovative medical devices for the healthcare market globally.

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