Porex -

Manage healthcare-associated infections with 99.99% antimicrobial efficacy 

POREX® antimicrobial foam has the broad spectrum antimicrobial properties to help manage healthcare-associated infections .

With superior protection and patient comfort, our POREX® antimicrobial foam:

  • Delivers fast, consistent performance–Uniform distribution of active ingredients combine with sustained release for fast, consistent performance
  • Provides longer effectiveness–Higher efficacy of more than 7 days for Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria and fungal species
  • Offers antimicrobial activity without leaching –POREX® porous materials provide antimicrobial activity without leaching at the sample’s surface as measured by the Kirby Bauer Zone of Inhibition test method.
  • Permits a variety of custom antimicrobial formulations to meet your market and regulatory need
Antimicrobial foam 4.5mm
Tensile Break Force
1.02 kg (2.25 lbs)
Elongation at Break
Cell Count (Top Surface)
170PPI Units
Free Swell Absorptive Capacity
79.5 g/100cm2


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