Customer Portal – Technical Update

PolarSeal is proud to announce the latest update release of our custom built portal, specifically built for our partners within the medical device industry. The portal automates a lot of manual processes for our customers, reducing time spent on following up with more time available to focus on other more important tasks.

Customer Portal Update

This window into your account has been updated with the following upgrades:

  1. Faster performance for better user experience
  2. An upgraded interface for easy navigation
  3. Sparkline order update visual feature
  4. Colour coded timelines
  5. Spend graph split of invoiced and order values
  6. Search function to instantly find orders
  7. Notifications improvement
  8. Mobile device compatibility
  9. A PolarSeal news feed

With device compatibility, you can access all your order information on the move, making it easier for you to keep track in real time. The very second your order changes order status, you will be the first to know about it.

PolarSeal will continue to invest in technology to assist in achieving our digital transformation goals and better supporting our customers.

Log into your portal account today and change the way you see flexible material converting.

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