How PolarSeal a self-funded business is seeing exponential growth

Why PolarSeal and what does it mean?

‘Polar star’ or ‘Pole Star’ otherwise known as the North Star is the brightest star that appears to either celestial pole at any particular time. The star stays fixed in our sky, while the entire northern sky moves around it. This encompasses our values perfectly as we want to be the guiding light that many rely on during challenging times.

‘Seal’ derived directly from PolarSeal’s core business; adhesive types, being the sticky solution for many applications world wide. Initially serving and solving the adhesive challenges of our customers across many industries including; automotive, industrial, aerospace, and medical, PolarSeal made the strategic decision to become 100% medical, placing us in a prime position to provide our customers with decades of accumulated knowledge.

Accelerating business growth

Founded in 1981, performing manual cutting of tape to fit customers custom length and width requirements, PolarSeal’s foundation was set with an idea and who to serve. Years to follow saw the implementation of automation, onboarding of new talent, and a growing brand name.

Over the years with continued re-investment from year-on-year increased profits, PolarSeal acquired exception talent, bringing in new ideas to transform and drive the business to new heights.

We believe that being a self-funded business gives us the freedom and independence to innovate and grow in the way that suits our vision best. ‘To Enhance Global Wellbeing’ we need to be forward thinking, open to new and wild ideas, but more importantly inject passion into what we do, every day. By focusing on your long-term vision, keeping an eye on finances, and building strong relationships, you can build a successful and sustainable self-funded business.

The benefits of PolarSeal’s independent financial strategy

Autonomy and Control –

When you fund your business on your own, you can make decisions that truly align with your vision. You’re not answerable to investors, so you can focus on long-term goals rather than short-term returns.

Creative Freedom –

Without the pressure of external investors, you’re free to pursue new ideas and initiatives, even if they’re unconventional. This can lead to breakthroughs and competitive advantages.


PolarSeal now look to achieve 50% growth each year for the next few years. This expansion will see the business focus on 3 goals.

1.       Balancing Growth and Sustainability

We want to continue to grow our business while staying true to our roots. We’ll focus on investing in ways that maintain our autonomy and independence.

2.      Cultivating Strong Relationships

We want to build a loyal customer base and community by focusing on building strong personal relationships with our clients and stakeholders.

3.      Exploring New Opportunities

We’re always looking for new and exciting opportunities to expand our product and service offerings in a way that is sustainable and aligned with our vision.

Over the last 3 years, PolarSeal has tripled national and international facilities for sales, marketing, distribution and consignment stock, and flexible medical conversion and contract medical device manufacturing. This expansion allows us to continuously and better serve our customer with undisturbed supply chains, lower lead times, and clear and concise communication channels. Our 5 year plan brings exciting changes to the business, with the ultimate goal ‘To Enhance Global Wellbeing’.