Two Sites – One TEAM

Posted Tue, 15th January 2019

On the 11th and 12th of December 2018, everyone here at PolarSeal had a part to play in our Two Sites – One TEAM exercise.  This was a consecutive two days with the staff from our Farnham branch visiting Carlton and vice versa.  The day’s began with a hot breakfast and finished with hot lunches with a lot of expertise sharing and skill-set expansion in between.  Not only was this a huge success in improving communication throughout the company, it also ensured experienced staff could demonstrate and explain any skills they have to peers, ensuring we generate the best production results possible.

Everybody was split into teams of 4 to 5 and then allocated different areas of the companies production units to visit in 30 minute slots.  This meant everybody from every department of the company got a full experience of every operation that we perform.  This proved to be very interesting to everyone and the integration of the production staff from both sites has seen a huge increase of knowledge of each capability, along with the reasons why it is a necessity for us to perform to the highest quality standards.

The days were a huge success and a massive reinforcement of PolarSeal’s ‘One Team’ core culture.  In reflection, a very enthusing and motivational conclusion to a busy 2018.  

Two Sites - One TEAM