Wound care products

There is an almost unlimited number of woundcare products that may be required across the full spectrum of modern medical technology. We are actively involved in the ongoing development and production of many of these.

Incision Films

Utilising a range of high-specification skin-friendly polyurethane films, we have the capabilities and a depth of experience in production of these user-friendly films for surgical use.

Ostomy Componentry

Together with an in-depth understanding of the demand for product reliability and cost effective solutions, PolarSeal provides the production, support and confidence for all primary and secondary ostomy componentry.

Fixation Devices

Our team has the resources and expertise to produce the most cost effective fixation device for any application utilising skin-friendly adhesive products, non-wovens, elastics as well as hook and loop products and moulded parts..


PolarSeal is actively involved in the fast growing market secter for accurate in-home and over-the-counter diagnostic tests for a wide range of healthcare issues. This has driven intense development of multi-layer, critical tolerance laminate construction and die-cut adhesive coated solutions.

PolarSeal the diverse manufacturer

Consumer Healthcare

We provide a wide range of personal care products including blister dressings, foot care products, cosmetic and transdermal patches for the hugely diverse application range found in this market sector.

Electro-Medical Products

Advances in electro-medical diagnostics have resulted in a huge level of demand for self-adhesive electrode patches that we provide in a wide variety of high specification materials.

Biomedical products

We develop and produce high performance pressure sensitive adhesive coated films and foils for use in the fast growing Molecular Technology industry dealing with the diagnosis of a wide range of clinical specimens.

Medical Tapes

Our vast range of stick to skin medical adhesives and tape constructions offer unique characteristics for the healthcare market and can be ETO, gamma or steam sterilised.

Specialist Printing

Our flexographic printing capability ensures that we provide roll to roll printing to the highest specification on pressure sensitive label stock, vinyl, cloth and films.