FLEXcon and PolarSeal Discuss the OMNI-WAVE

The award winnging flexcon omni-wave!

Last month, PolarSeal had the chance to catch up with our Supply Partner FLEXcon to discuss their award winning OMNI-WAVE™ material. Our very own Shaun Kemp, Head of Strategic Partnerships and Marketing met with the talented Aditi Subramanian – FLEXcon’s Healthcare Business Manager, and discussed everything from FLEXcon’s vision and upcoming events, right through to the 20 year development of this revolutionary material. 

Aditi Subramanian – Healthcare Business Manager FLEXcon “Hydrogels have been around for 50 years, and they are a great technology, but there are a lot of draw backs that can come with Hydrogels, they are always going to have a place in the market but OMNI-WAVE™ is just trying to be an alternative to those who have issues with Hydrogels. 8%-10% of the population can have various skin reactions when it comes to Hydrogels and because they are based out of water their stability and performance can be affected by humidity and weather changes, with OMNI-WAVE™ your getting that consistent signal because it’s not based out of water.”

Watch the PolarSeal & FLEXcon omni-wave interview Here!

The OMNI-WAVE™ won the Med-Tech Award for Material Innovation this year, and it’s no surprise! The Hydrogel-Free Biosensing Technology was recognised as Groundbreaking Innovation. OMNI-WAVE™ utilises a skin-friendly, conductive adhesive which eliminates hydrogel-related skin reactions for patients who are sensitive to hydrogel. Furthermore, because OMNI-WAVE™ is not moisture dependent, it does not require expensive barrier packaging like hydrogel components, and it affords a two year out-of-pack life, providing cost savings to both manufacturers and end-users.

In our latest interview, Shaun and Aditi cover the product from the ground up, and dive into the 20 years it took to develop this award winning Hydrogel alternative.

OMNI-WAVE™ Features and Benefits
  • H-502 hydrogel-free skin contact adhesive (transfer tape) engineered for short-term wear (3 days) for medical device attachment (electrodes or sensors) demonstrates minimal skin irritation as compared to hydrogel electrodes
  • Conductive adhesive layer allows electronics to send and receive waveform signals between the surfaces it connects to
  • Product performance is not affected by humidity
  • 1.5 mil ultra-smooth polyester release liner provides ultimate smoothness and flow-out of adhesive, and is ideal for roll-form converting
  • 44 lb. polycoated natural Kraft release liner ideal for roll-form converting
  • Patented FLEXcon® OMNI-WAVE™ technology
  • Association for Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI) compliant
  • Passes ISO 10993-10 (biological evaluation of medical devices) for sensitization and irritation

Shaun Kemp, our Head of Strategic partnerships & Marketing -“As a converter, PolarSeal has encountered a growing number of enquiries in need of adhesive and conductive solutions for ECG patches, electrodes and monitoring devices. A common challenge is combination multiple layers whilst holding conductivity without inks and tracks, this is where the FLEXcon OMNI-WAVE™ fills the void perfectly. While it not only holds its structure to high tension conversion it also provides the perfect hydrogel free conductive solution for wearable and electro-medical devices.

Suggested Applications include
  • Diagnostic and Theraputics
  • Supreme – Healthcare – Skin Contact 
  • Wearables 
  • Electro-Medical Devices

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