PolarSeal Talks 3M Medical Tape 4578 with 3M!

The Revolutionary 3M Medical Tape 4578!

PolarSeal had the exciting opportunity last month to meet with the 3M team to discuss the revolutionary 3M Medical Tape 4578! Our Head of strategic Partnerships and Marketing, Shaun Kemp met with Division Scientist Audrey Sherman & Global Business Lead John Dugas to learn all about the new material and how medical device developers can get their hands on a sample.


John Dugas Global Business Lead at 3M  –“Most tapes you have to store with a liner on, the 3M 4578 you can store it in a clean environment without a liner and the adhesion stays where it needs to be and that’s really unique for a tape, but its really important for that patient experience because it opens up a whole new world for the device designers and the medical companies themselves to design unique application methods, where customers don’t have to remove a liner when they go to apply the device.”


The spunlace polyester nonwoven fabric medical tape consists of a white spunlace polyester nonwoven backing, coated with a pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive used for longer wear applications. 4578 was designed for applications that require packaging the skin contact adhesive without a protective release liner and still retain the adhesion needed for several weeks wear time. With a wear time of up to 28 days and primarily designed for wearable medical device applications, this innovative product was developed to improve and enhance lives.

In the interview we dive into the reason behind the design of the 3M 4578, the products top features, its performance on skin, removability & all important factors like conformability and breathability. 

We asked the creators behind the 3M 4578 about the need for a material of its kind, and what healthcare devices are most popular for the material.


Audrey Sherman Division Scientist at 3M -“The most popular heathcare device right now, is the continuous blood glucose monitors. Those devices are really critical for compliance to keep them on skin, particularly because they do an insertion, no slippage or movement at all is tolerated. This material grabs you, and that was by design, your reaching body parts that you might not have easy access too”, you get one shot and so we really wanted to design that into it”

3M Medical Tape 4578 Highlights
  • Extended Wear even when packaged without release liner
  • Comfortable during Wear
  • Biocompatible for Use on Intact Skin
  • Able to adhere to LSE surfaces
  • Conformable

Shaun Kemp, our Head of Strategic partnerships & Marketing -“First impressions of the 3M medical Tape 4578 was its great initial tack and adherence to the skin, it also seemed to maintain adhesion following repositioning of the device. The market has asked for a longer wear time skin-friendly adhesive and the 3M team heard and delivered. A very impressive non-woven which is proving extremely reliable for PolarSeal’s current wearable medical device projects.”

Suggested Applications include
  • Specialized medical and retail applications requiring secure attachment to skin over 21+ days even if packaged without release liner
  • Designed to retain adhesion even if EtO sterilized in packaging without a release liner
  • Can be used for attaching finished device to skin
  • Material and / or technology for health care, retail or medical device construction
  • Able to adhere to low surface energy materials

Watch the PolarSeal & 3m Medical tape 4578 interview Here!

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