New Bespoke ERP System Specific to PolarSeal

Posted Tue, 16th January 2018

New bespoke ERP system specific to PolarSeal! 

The recent introduction of a completely New bespoke ERP system specific to PolarSeal . Aims to enhance and strengthen PolarSeal’s position as a major player within the medical sphere by improving and integrating all facets of an operation. Thus Enabling PolarSeal to make better informed decisions, increase productivity and grow profitability. 

The new ERP system will come as a welcome addition to an ever-growing business by simplifying day-to-day running. The new system will seek to make daily tasks easier by reducing complexities. Complexities such as managing multiple core functions on a variety of different platforms. Eliminating the need to re-key data and reduce human-error. 

ERP ( Enterprise Resource Planning) software is used by a wide range of businesses to support a variety of functions, namely, financial, sales, purchasing, stock management and other manufacturing processes. 

With the introduction of this bespoke ERP system to PolarSeal, multiple core functions will be accessible onto one streamlined software solution. Providing PolarSeal with the ability to carry out multiple processes at once. As a result, staff will be able to better manage and control business work flow. Moreover, production processes will be more easy than ever before for staff. In-turn this will help boost production across PolarSeal, and help to boost profitability at the same time along the way. Additionally, this system will make it possible for multiple processes to be carried out simultaneously.

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The new system will provide the company with real-time, instantaneous insights and extensive analytical reporting. Which, in-turn, will help to maximise performance and provide a systematic overview  over business activities. With particular regards to, management of good and services, design, planning and execution. As well as, design, planning and execution and monitoring supply chain activities.

Furthermore, this system update will allow for full barcode tractability – giving greater control to our staff, making their lives easier.

In summary, this new system can be considered a necessary investment, integral for a continuously growing business. Day-to-day running will be made easier and simpler, with the added benefits not only for the business but for our customers as well. adding value to the long-term vision and goals at PolarSeal for 2018 and beyond.

New bespoke ERP system specific