Riverside medical - High barier Foil Laminate

High Barrier Foil Laminate

OPET/PEW/AL/PE/PE –(12/20/9/18/40μm) WHITE


Provides excellent barrier properties against oxygen, water vapour, light and aromas. Suitable for Gamma sterilization. Used as printed and unprinted webs for pouches, providing welded seals.


It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the above material/pouch is suitable for the purpose intended and that any proprietary rights, existing laws and legislation in particular to ISO11607-1 are observed. Contains no iso-cyanates or solvents. Approved for food contact.

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High Barrier Foil Laminate OPET/PEW/AL/PE/PE –(12/20/9/18/40μm) WHITE