PolarSeal rapidly increases production output for innovative femcare brand


Outsourcing operations meets increased demand with optimal production rates




An award-winning start-up within the healthcare sector spent a decade developing their product before launching to consumers in 2018. When the entire first production run sold out, it was clear that a solution was needed to enable the business to scale-up production at speed. The business faced many challenges; quality could not be compromised by a ramping up of production; the business positioned itself as setting new quality standards within their category. Physical space for installing new production lines was an issue, product certification was a requisite, not just for the UK market but to enable global expansion, and as a B Corp business, any solution needed to be strongly aligned with their values.


Our approach / solution

PolarSeal was able to offer a complete outsourced solution to this organization, not just meeting, but exceeding their required standards in terms of quality, provision of a clean-room environment to install the company’s new production line, our accreditation levels and our Quality Management Systems. New machinery was installed, PolarSeal’s experienced machine operators were trained on the product and production processes, and very quickly, products were hitting required run-rates to satisfy consumer demand.


The result

Within 5 weeks our outsourced solution went from early discussions to first production. A new 1000 square foot clean production area was made ready and machines installed in a layout to maximize output.  We are now meeting production targets and smoothly handling the entire operations on behalf of our client. Here at PolarSeal we pride ourselves on our exacting quality standards, our ability to operate to quick turnaround times, our in-house expertise and our collaborative approach to working in partnership with our clients to deliver the best results for their organization.


About PolarSeal

Founded in 1981 as a manufacturing solutions provider utilizing adhesive, PolarSeal has grown and developed into a fast moving and highly innovative company, providing turnkey solutions within medical device manufacturing and healthcare material conversion globally. Creative ideas and investment in technology have helped PolarSeal deliver fully certified products such as advanced wound-care and ground-breaking wearable technology adherent solutions at high speed and to ultimate quality standards.

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