PolarSeal delight with 100% customer satisfaction rating

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The rating is testament to the outstanding work performed by the team at PolarSeal.

No matter what industry your business operates within, ensuring that you are adequately and effectively meeting the wants and needs of your customer base is absolutely vital; after all, a displeased customer will not be a customer for long. As such, the team at flexible material conversion company PolarSeal are surely delighted to have recently received a 100% customer satisfaction rating from one of their larger clients.

PolarSeal were praised by the client for their high quality of goods and presentation, on time delivery, and excellent communication both with customers and within their own team, all of which contributed to the exemplary service offered by the company.

The rating is testament to the outstanding work performed by the team at PolarSeal, who have long made it their mission to consistently provide the highest levels of quality and support to their customers. Judging by their recent performance, that mission remains a successful endeavour.

It must be noted that a flawless satisfaction rating of 100% is not easy to come by, especially for a larger company with a number of different departments each relying upon each other. In fact, the UK Customer Satisfaction Index (UKCSI), published by the Institute of Customer Service in January and updated in July 2017, pegs the average level of customer satisfaction across the UK at 78.2. While that does constitute a consistent rise over the past four years, it’s a far cry from the perfect score which PolarSeal have just received.

While the goods and services offered by a company are obviously the backbone of their performance, the UKCSI indicates that customers are most responsive to companies which offer consistent and effective customer service, dealing with any issues in good time and clearly communicating with their clients throughout any interaction, sale, or project. Many companies fail in this regard, viewing the job as done with once the product leaves the premises or the client is off the phone, but PolarSeal have demonstrated a deep commitment to their customer base which has helped them to truly shine in the eyes of said customers. This requires collaboration between just about every facet of the business from production to distribution to those who manage digital channels on the company’s behalf, and the team at PolarSeal have proven that they are more than adept in this regard.

Couple these traits with PolarSeal’s longstanding reputation as a fast moving, reliable and highly innovative company at the forefront of their industry and you have a sure-fire recipe for success. PolarSeal are by no means struggling, but news such as this will surely only escalate their reputation, and thereby their business, even further.


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