Innovating A Manufacturing Line for Increased Patient Comfort



Selecting the correct adhesives, the correct materials, impregnation of actives and the correct thickness of dressing are of vital importance when opting to increase patient comfort within advanced wound care. These elements can be proven to speed the healing process up, and reduced aftercare in many cases.

the problem

A client came to us needing an absorbent foam dressing that had additional pressure point wound comfort built into the dressing. Within typical wound care manufacture, a machine can only place on foam island on this type of dressing so placing an additional island is complex by nature. This leads to nurses opting to ‘double plaster’ in a bid to increase patient comfort.

the solution

We had to re-engineer one of our production lines and create bespoke stations on the machine to accurately place different size islands on top of each other within the medical manufacturing process.

the Result

Now one of our clients hero products globally, the dressing maintains the required level of absorption whilst significantly increasing patient comfort. The addition of a second island also helped to increase cost efficiency by removing the requirement for an additional foam dressing and therefore removing the need to ‘double plaster’.

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